Our studio, beyond the window

By crossing the threshold of our studio in Turin, you bump into a big green table with a net in the middle.
Just above it, on a mezzanine made with fir wood, Boumaka’s heads disappear behind a desk full of bunches of paper, books and computers.

We are three designers, by the window, illuminated by the pale light of monitors.
We are a heterogeneous group, whose interests go from letters to photography, from numbers to manual sign.
We give a shape to words, images and data by testing always new materials and eventually finding ourselves with dirt hands, which we clean by pressing on the keyboards of our laptops.
Boumaka create visual identities, promotional campaigns, websites and books.

After getting a degree at the Politecnico of Turin, we founded a cultural association to learn the secrets of typography, to delve into the art and to keep warm by creating a brand of clothes.

We keep on searching everyday, according to what makes us curious, or to what customers need. We love entering into new worlds and exploring new cultures, technologies and techniques according to orders.

Nicolò Brusa

Francesco Carletto

Matteo Pont

Our services

Problem solver


We try to deeply understand who you are, what you do and what is your target. We design visual identities, translate values into symbols and sum them up in the main element which will represent your company or your product in a unique way. We create a flexible system which can be applied to every support which characterize your business.

Web design

We design web sites from portfolio to e-commerce. We discuss with customers the features, which automatize the processes, and we design an up-to-date user interface according to your identity. We want the contents to be well indexed, in order to make the site really present, and to make it accessible to every modern device, from 30 to 3,5 inch.


Paper is never out of fashion. It will make the most of you, if you make the most of it. According to contents and aims, we study the best support, format and typographic system to present them. We build grids and we love searching for and using the types which will inhabit them. We organize contents, we are very careful about images and we realize graphic elements which can go with and complete them.


We launch activities and services by realizing communication campaigns which are studied on different media.
We develop the idea that you need, we plan it in space and time. Then we visualize it through different techniques, from photographic images to illustration, from typography to video. We find the best solution to promote your work.


We founded a cultural association to delve into the theme of typography, by studying from movable to generative type. We mix different techniques, being always respectful of the communicative value of the glyph. We develop made to measure lettering with different graphic devices for communication campaigns.

Data visualization

The possibility to visualize the complexity of information, which have been generated in time or by a structure, creates new points of view. It simplifies the approach to complex tables without soul, it creates a narration, shows patterns, similarities and peaks which were invisible before.
We search, analyze, clean data in order to represent them in a static or interactive form, thanks to new coding technologies.


Existent elements can’t explain everything. Sometimes we need to create, translate an abstract message, a process, a feeling into graphic form.
We interpret and translate them into a simple visible language, made of symbols which everyone can understand. We realize iconic systems or more complex illustrations for the publishing and the web.

Motion Graphics

We add a dimension to our way to tell stories, we develop them in time.
We organize contents on a storyboard and we interpolate them to obtain a consistent story. We use video devices to realize corporate video or presentations in order to make them fast, clear and light.


» “Peak Me Up” per Piemonte Visual Contest, Torino
» Manifesto per lo Storico Carnevale di Ivrea
» Faber Meeting, Torino
» “Riflessioni” per Print About Me, Torino
» “Too Simple” per Posterheroes, Torino
» “Year Zero” per OFFF, Barcellona


» “8 Lingotto” Libreria Corraini – Lingotto, torino
» “Food Chocolate Design” Taste – Pitti Immagine, Firenze
» “Ping Poster” A:B, Torino
» “Visual Handjobs” MIAAO, Torino
» “Fuorisalone” Milano
» “Print About Me” itinerante internazionale
» “Forever Jung” The Others Art Fair, Torino
» “Posterheroes” Torino
» “OFFF” Barcellona


» Docenti del corso di Logo Design presso IED, Torino
» Docenti del corso di Portfolio Review presso IED, Torino


» “Desk-Top” per Writing – design on your desk, Milano
» “Typognomica” per Toolbox Festival, Torino
» “About Gerard Richter” per Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino
» “Rendere Manifesto” per Artissima, Torino
» “I’mprinting” per Thype! e Archivio Tipografico, Torino


» “Book to the Future” presso Salone del Libro, Torino
» “No man is an island” presso Accademia di Belle Arti, Venezia
» “Back in Type” presso IED, Torino
» “Ex-cursus” presso Politecnico, Torino
» “Information inspiration” presso Scuola Salesiana Valdocco, Torino

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